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Hair growth cycle

A hair pass through three different phases to complete hair growth cycle. These phases are anagen phase, catagen phase and telogen phase. Anagen phase is also known as growth phase. 80 to 90% of hair may present in this phase at the same time. This part or phase may takes two to six years to complete.

hair growth cycle

The second phase is catagen it is also called transitional phase. This phase takes one or two weeks to complete. Third and last is telogen phase. This phase is also known as resting phase and it last anywhere between five to six weeks. When the telogen phase comes to end the hair follicle re-enters the anagen phase. A new hair starts to grow.

We can divide a hair into two part. Hair root or hair follicle and hair shaft. The part which is visible, is called hair shaft and other is hair follicle or root of hair, which resides under skin. Papilla is the base of the follicle which contains lots of blood vessels to supply the essential elements to cells.

In previous post we have discussed about the types of hair loss. Do you know that normal hair growth cycle is 2 to 3 years ?. In normal condition a hair grows one centimeter per month. Usually 90% of hairs on our scalps are in growing condition and 10% of hairs on our scalps are in resting condition. In anagen phase of hair growth cycle our hair grows 10 to 12 centimeter per year. But it is also observed that any individual hair may grow more.

Resting condition lasts for 3 to 4 months. After completing resting condition such hairs falls out and new hairs starts to grow in its place. This process results a normal hair shedding each day during combing.

But if you see more hair shedding daily during combing daily then it could be a hair loss problem. You should be always careful about it to prevent baldness.


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