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How to prevent hair loss | remove dandruff

Hair loss or baldness problem is a very common problem which begins due to several reasons like mental stress, malnutrition, metabolic disturbance in body, lack of important vitamin and minerals in body and much more. Heredity is also a reason of baldness or more hair fall. These days lots of hair sprays are available in the cosmetic market that we use. If the spray contains harsh chemical and you are using it then it will also cause hair loss. If you apply some homemade organic treatments on your hair, you can prevent bad effect of these synthetic products. Better is to use always herbal organic products on your hair to prevent your hair loss and hair beauty. This post is regarding control or hair loss problem. In this post we will learn how we can control of our hair loss problem by making an easy product at home using some easily available natural products. Banyan and neem tree are very common name in herbal medical science. These trees are also easily available. Every parts of these trees are of medicinal use. We will use some leaves of both trees to make our nice homemade product.

hair loss baldness

Follow the steps below
  • First of all take some fresh green Banyan tree leaves and wash properly with water.
  • Now make a fine thick paste of these leaves, using a grinder. Now by pressing this thick paste using a fine cloth, get about 1/2 cup of

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Avocado hair mask rejuvenate your hair in summer

Avocado hair mask is very useful in hot weather condition also to maintain your hair beauty. Avocado is very useful fruit in medical point of view. This fruit is full of vitamins, minerals, salt and other important nutrients which are very important to give a new life your hair follicles. In this post of organic hair care, we will learn making a nice hair mask using Avocado and other nutrients which are easily available in your kitchen. Although you can apply this mask in any season. It protects your hair with hot weather condition also. So it is also very protective in summer season. Environmental pollution and change of atmospheric condition effect your body parts which are in direct contact with these two factors. Our hairs are always in direct contact with atmosphere and air pollution. So we must take care about it. It is better specially in hot weather always use herbal products. Organic and natural products are always safe and they don't harm even in long term application. One thing I always suggest that if you are using some treatment, give some time to your product to get its result. Because organic treatment effects slowly but long lasting. You can easily make them yourself using ingredients, which are mostly available in your kitchen. So do some effort and make this Avocado hair mask for your self.

avocado hair mask

Method of preparation

  • First of all take a well ripe fresh Avocado and use a food processor to make its fine puree with its pulp.
  • Transfer the Avocado pulp in a well cleaned glass bowl.
  • Take two egg yolks and after blending it properly mix the egg yolk into the Avocado pulp and again mix both the ingredients properly to become smooth.
  • Now add 4 teaspoon full extra virgin olive oil slowly into the bowl and again mix properly to get a fine and smooth mixture. Now

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Summer hair beauty tips | rough hair to silky

Dry hair and rough hair is the main problems in summer season. Oily scalp and scalp itchiness also a great problem in summer season. But if you do a little effort, you can get rid of with these problems. In this post of organic hair care, I will tell you some treatment and tips to maintain your hair beauty as well as good health of your hair.

hair beauty tips

Following are some important tips that you must keep in your mind and apply them in your daily routine.
1. If you are out side in direct sunlight, try to cover your hair.
2. Get a lukewarm oil massage at night before going to bed.
3. Once in a week wash your hair with beer.
4. If you don't want

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Mustard seed & almond to get strong hair | stop hair fall

This hair massage oil is useful in all seasons and weather condition for many hair treatments. This is especially useful to those people who are suffering hair loss problem. You can stop your hair loss or hair fall problem by regular treatment. If you want to improve your hair growth, apply this home treatment regularly to improve your hair growth and make your hair long. By regular massage on hair and scalp you can change your lifeless or rough hair into beautiful healthy, strong and shiny. You can apply it in any season. Remember to give some time to any treatment to show proper result. So apply this massage oil and get positive result. You can make this very effective massage oil at home using mustard seeds and almond  seeds which are easily available in the market. Here I am giving you the making method and method of application.

Method of preparation

  • First of all take 100 ml. of

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3 best homemade hair care masks & tips during winter season

Dry hair, dull hair and itchy scalp these three hair problems are very common especially during winter season. In this post of organic hair care we will learn about easy home treatments of these problems. Following are some very effective hair masks that you can use during winter season to protect your hair beauty and to get rid of with your problems if you apply the treatment regularly. Follow these steps to make these organic products at home.

For dry hair
  • First of all take 6 tablespoon of raw honey in a glass bowl.
  • Add 2 tablespoon of olive oil into it.
  • Now mix both the ingredients well to become smooth and you are done. Your nice hair mask is ready to apply.
Method of application
  • Before apply this

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