Make your own hair care product at home



Prevent hair loss increase hair growth

When you want to apply some home treatment like hair mask or any other homemade product to prevent your hair loss or baldness problem, try such type of treatment which is nice to stop hair loss and to stimulate the hair growth also. In organic home treatment we can use two organic natural oils to perform these two actions. In this post organic hair care, I am telling you how you can make a nice homemade product using two natural oils to stop your hair loss and improve your hair growth with the same treatment. This treatment increase hair growth by maintaining proper blood circulation in root of the hair. As we know that essential nutrients are supplied in our body organs through our bloodstream. Now make your nice product in following steps.

jojoba hair treatment

rosemary hair growth

Follow the steps below
  • First of all take one tablespoon of Rosemary essential oil in a glass bowl.
  • Add one tablespoon of Jojoba oil in it.
  • Now blend well both the oils to become smooth. Now you are done and your fine magical oil is ready to use.
Method of application
  • Apply this oil mixture on your scalps and whole length of hair, with the help of your finger tips.
  • Apply a gentle massage also on scalps to increase blood circulation.
  • Now you can put a shower cap and leave the application for one and half hours minimum.
  • Now shampoo your hairs and style.
This is a very nice treatment to keep your hair follicles in good condition. Rosemary acts a nice stimulator in this treatment and increase hair growth. You will get a new strength to your hairs if you apply this treatment regularly for few weeks. It will solve your hair loss and baldness problem. This home treatment will also give your hair a nice silky and shiny look.



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