Make your own hair care product at home



Acai berries homemade hair mask get healthy scalp stop hair fall

Berries are found very helpful to improve your hair growth, to stop hair fall or hair loss problem by making your healthy. Acai berries are very effective to solve your problems related to your hair and scalp. Healthy scalp and strong hair root is important for good hair strength. If your hair roots are weak and also unhealthy scalp you may suffer with hair loss, hair fall or other hair and scalp problems. In this post of organic hair care we will learn how we can use acai berries on our hair and scalp as a hair mask.


Follow the steps below

  • First of all take about one cup of fresh acai berries and after washing with clean water make its fine paste and transfer in a glass bowl.
  • No need to add any thing and you are done and your nice hair mask is ready to use.

Method of application

  • Apply this prepared acai berries paste on full length of hair and deep up to the scalp. Remember to apply this treatment on clean and dry hair.
  • Give a gentle massage on scalp for 3 to 4 minutes properly during application.
  • Now put a shower cap and leave the application on hair for minimum 30 minutes to soak nutritional nutrients in scalp which make scalp healthy and hair root strong.
  • Now wash your hair with cold water and shampoo your hair with a mild shampoo.

If you apply this homemade treatment regularly you can see the change in your hair condition and health. Apply this very effective and easy home treatment 2 or 3 days in a week to get good result. Acai berries contains nutrients which supports hair growth like protein, omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids. This natural product is also a natural source of zinc and folic acid which make our hair root more strong and prevent hair fall or hair loss by making scalp healthy.



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