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Hair loss in women's

Besides of pattern hair loss in women there are several causes which are responsible for hair loss in women. These causes breaks the normal hair growth cycle. Following are some reasons for hair loss in women.

  • Telogen effiuvium is a natural phenomenon that found in women after pregnancy in which hair loss could be found.
  • Hair loss problem also found after a major surgery.
  • If you are loosing your body weight regularly or quickly.
  • If you are suffering with more stress in your life.
  • It could be a side effect of certain medicines.
These are some main reasons for excessive hair shedding. But you can prevent this hair loss by consulting a doctor. Don't avoid the abnormal hair loss problem. First diagnose the actual problem and start a perfect treatment.

It is also recommended that always use recommended products on your hair. Don't go with cheap advertisements. Because these unknown or cheap products may contains toxic or harsh chemicals which may damage your hair. There are so many homemade organic hair treatment which keep your hair healthy and good looking.

Once or twice in a week apply some homemade hair mask to nourish and moisturize your hair. You can make these hair mask easily at home using some natural ingredients which are mostly available in your kitchen.

At night before going to bed take a massage on your scalp with any organic oil. You can use almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil etc. This scalp massage will increase blood circulation in scalp and your hairs will get a new strength. It will also helpful to cure dry or rough hair problem.

One more thing I want to say that hair shampoo is a common product that is used in almost every home. So when you purchase any shampoo, always confirm which type of hair it is made for and then purchase the suitable for you to get healthy silky and shiny hair.


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