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Precaution after washing your hair prevent hair loss

hair blot

  • Hair damage, hair breakage and hair loss are some problems may be reduced if we take care our hair after taking a shower or after washing your hair. It is seen that people rub their hair more vigorously with towel to dry quickly. But in fact it is very harmful and support more hair breakage or hair loss. This method to dry your hair makes hair root weak and results hair fall. Partial hair shaft breakage may also increase if you hardly rub on your hair.
  • If you have dry or rough hair you must be very careful after washing your hair or after taking your shower. Because you already suffering with less hair moisture and you may suffer with more hair loss. Also remember that when you apply any hair treatment on your hair or you are massaging on scalp, always apply a gentle massage with your fingertips. In this post of organic hair care and treatment we will learn how applying a very simple method, we can control our hair loss and hair breakage problem.
  • Best method to make dry your hair is blot the hair with towel. Never rub hard and quickly your hair after washing. One more thing when you comb your hair after shower, start with a wide teeth comb and followed by narrow teeth comb. Although this is a very common thing but will also prevent hair damage or hair breakage.
  • One more thing I want to suggest that if you use hair dryer to dry quickly your hair, or using any hair styling instrument, keep in mind that over heating of your hair may damage outer layer of hair shaft. This will support breakage in hair shaft and also loose hair strength. So if you want to keep your hair strong and healthy keep in mind this simple but very effective tips. Especially if you are applying any hair treatment to get rid of with hair loss or baldness, follow these tips with the treatment.



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