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Some secrets for good hair growth

In this post of homemade hair care I am giving you some secret tips to get nice hair growth.

hair growth

Some nice secret tips to increase hair growth.

  • Always take a healthy diet which is also important for a good hair growth and condition. Take fresh vegetable fresh fruits and protein rich diet. Vitamin B12, zinc, iron and calcium is very important for good hair health.
  • Drink plenty of water to maintain good hair growth and to maintain softness of hair internally with internal moisture.
  • Regular exercise is also very important. Because it gives proper blood supply to hair follicles also. Base of the follicle contains lots of tiny blood vessels which supplies the essential nutrients to hair through tiny blood vessels.
  • If you are suffering with hair split ends problem, regularly trim your hairs. Because this hair problem also reduce good hair growth.
  • Always keep your hair neat and clean using nice hair cleanser. Because it is very important to remove extra natural oil (sebum) from hair and scalp which may cause slow hair growth.
  • Always try to use chemical free hair cleanser on your hair and scalp. Better is to use safely homemade organic hair cleanser which you can make very easily at home using available products in your kitchen.
  • Scalp massage with warm natural organic oil is very nice to keep your hair and scalp in good condition. Some very nice organic oils are almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, camellia seed oil and mustard oil which are usually used for scalp and hair massage also.
  • Try to avoid use of hair coloring products on hair because it contains harmful chemicals which may damage your hair with regular use. These toxic chemicals also reduce hair growth.
  • Protect your hair with more exposure in direct sunlight, atmospheric dust and pollution. These factors also cause hair growth problem.
  • When you dry your hair using some instrument don't give home heat on hair and scalp. It will damage or cause breakage in hair shaft. Over heat on hair and scalp also effects upto the hair follicle which is not good for normal hair growth.
These are some tips to follow always if you want to get healthy, silky and shiny hair.


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