Make your own hair care product at home



Best homemade hair care with Sesame oil

There are different hair and scalp disorders like dry hair, premature greying, hair breakage, hair split ends, hair loss and more. There are lots of natural products that you use to make different hair mask and other homemade products to cure any disorder or to maintain your hair beauty. In this post of organic I will tell you about benefit of Sesame oil. This organic natural oil could be used as your nice hair care product.


Some important use and benefits of Sesame oil for hair.

  • Take massage daily with sesame oil to darken your hair. It is also very useful in premature greying of hair because this oil has a great quality to darken hair color.
  • It increase hair growth, it penetrates nicely in scalp and also increase blood circulation in scalp which helps to improve hair growth.
  • It can also be used to control head lice adding with some natural essential oil. It is also useful in the treatment of any fungal or bacterial infection of scalp.
  • Take a daily massage before going to bed as a routine can remove dandruff problem also.
  • You can also get rid of with dry hair or flaky hair problem if you use daily on your hair and scalp. It will give you silky and shiny hairs.
  • Itchy scalp is a common problem which could be treated by regular massage this oil on scalp.
  • If your hair are damaged due to application of any product which contains harsh chemical, massage your hair and scalp with this oil. Sesame oil nourishes hair properly and it is also a fine treatment to repair damaged hair.
  • Daily massage with sesame oil on hair and scalp, gives new strength to hair shaft and support to new hair growth.
  • You can also prevent hair breakage and hair split ends problems if you use regularly use this oil.
  • You can change your rough hair into soft and smooth hair by taking a daily massage on scalp before going to bed and by leaving it for overnight.


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