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Thyme is an organic herbal plant which is used in culinary and as a medicine in different homemade hair mask and hair rinse to prevent hair loss. This nice herb has nice antibiotic and antifungal property. If you have any bacterial or fungal infection in your hair or scalp use this treatment to get rid of with your problem. You can get it in fresh green and in dried form both. In this post I am telling you a nice homemade treatment to get rid of with dandruff problem using thyme dried leaves.


dried thyme

Follow the steps below to make the product.
  • First of all take about 1 cup of dried thyme leaves.
  • Now boil it in 500 ml. of water for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Pour the liquid in a glass bowl and allow it to cool.
  • Now your product is ready to use.
Method of application.
  • First of all clean well your hair with lukewarm water but don't dry.
  • On damp hairs pour about one cup of liquid and let it to be soaked on scalps.
  • Give a proper gentle massage on scalp for minimum 5 minutes.
  • Put a shower cap and leave this application minimum 3 to 4 hours. Now you can rinse your hairs with plain water. For better result use this treatment at bed time and wash your hairs in the morning.
This organic homemade herbal treatment is very effective if you apply this treatment regularly for few days. It will remove all the dandruff and cure if there is any infection like pus filled tiny red bumps on scalp. If you are suffering with more itchy scalp problem, apply this nice home treatment to cure your problem. It will also help to give a new strength to your hairs. It will also improve your hair growth.



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