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Cause of hair damage & hair loss | best care tips

In this post of hair care I am giving some factors which are responsible for hair damage or hair loss. We know these causes but often ignore them. Which are not good for our good hair health. If we take seriously these tips and recommendations, we can prevent our hair loss and hair damage problem.

damage hair

Following are some causes of damage hair and some tips to follow.

  • Ultra violet rays of sun is very harmful for your hairs if over exposed. Outer layer of hair may be damage and hair may be turned into dry and rough. So try to protect your hairs specially at noon time with over exposure with ultra violet rays and try to cover your hairs.
  • Frequent washing of hairs is not good for hairs. Although it cleanse the dirt and impurities from hairs and scalp but it also wash off the natural secreted oil which give softness and shine to your hairs. It reduce the lubrication of hair shaft and hair looks dry and brittle. It is recommended to wash your hair not more than 2 or 3 days in a week.
  • Don't rub your hairs hardly with towel after taking a bath or during hair massage. It supports to hair loss also damages the outer layer or hair.
  • In the parlor when we take hair treatment for straightening, smoothening or curling our hairs the products used during these process contains chemicals which may damage your hair. So always apply such hair treatments under expert hands.
  • When you use hot air blower or hair dryer at home, be careful because more heat may cause brittle and breakage of hair. So don't give more heat to your hairs.
  • When you color your hairs the chemical contains in these dyes, dissolve the melanin to change color of hair. Which may cause future damage of hairs if not done with recommended product, quantity and under expert hands. Always use recommended shampoo and conditioner after coloring your hair to minimize bad effect of coloring.
  • More tightening of hairs is also a cause of hair damage. Specially on damp hairs. So don't more tighten your hairs to reduce hair damage.

These are some factors which is responsible for hair damage problem. To prevent your hairs keep these factors in your mind when you use any product on your hair. Try not to use products that contains harsh chemicals and may damage your hairs. Always use recommended products and always do any hair treatment under expert hands. Best recommendation is try to use organic homemade treatment to prevent your hair problems and to get healthy, silky and shiny beautiful hairs.


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