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Dandruff | dryness | hair growth home treatment

Dry hairs or dryness of hairs, dandruff and slow hair growth these are some common hair problems. In organic hair care we use different natural raw products to get rid of with these problems. In this post of organic homemade remedies, I will tell you a very nice home treatment to control these three problems using one homemade hair mask. We will use ash gourd in this treatment.

ash gourd treatment

ash gourd for hairs
Follow the steps below to make this nice hair mask.
  • First of all Peel the ash gourd and cut the peels into small pieces.
  • Now take about 1/2 cup of these pieces.
  • Also take about 1/2 cup of seeds from inside of ash gourd.
  • Now slightly crush the peels and seeds both.
  • In next step take about 3 cup of coconut water and mix the crushed peel and seeds in it.
  • Now boil it for 1 minute and put off the stove and leave it to cool.
  • After cooling, filter the liquid in a glass bowl. Now you are done and your nice produce is ready to use.
Method of application.
  • Now apply this on your full hair length and deep inside up to the scalp.
  • Give a gentle massage on scalp for minimum 5 minutes.
  • Parting your hairs, cover all the hairs perfectly. Pour more liquid on scalp to soak.
  • Now put on a shower cap and leave the application for minimum 2 hours.
  • Now wash your hair with cold water properly and  shampoo your hair with a mild shampoo and style.
Use this application twice in a week. This home treatment is very helpful to remove dandruff if you made and applied properly. If you have dry or rough hairs, this treatment is for your. It improves your hair growth and you will get long, silky and shiny hairs in future.



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