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Hair massage for good hair growth

In general way as we do some exercise daily for our good health, in the same way hair massage is like an exercise of our hairs for their good growth and health. It is very helpful to supply essential nutrients by blood stream to our hair. We must take always a gentle hair and scalp massage otherwise it will be harmful for our hair. It may cause hair breakage of hair loss problem.

hair massage

Although lots of hair massaging oils are present in the cosmetic market but hair massage with some recommended natural oil is best for our hair care. Once in a week if you take massage with a little warm natural oil on scalp, is a best treatment to keep your hair healthy for long long time.

Regular massage of scalps stimulates the hair follicles when we get massage with lukewarm oil. It supports our hair growth. So this is a very special tip for those who wants good hair growth and wants to get rid of with hair loss problem.

Regular massaging of hair also controls dandruff and fungal infections. It gives proper blood circulation in all scalps. When you apply hair mask on your hair and up to the scalp, take a gentle massage on scalp for good result.

We should massage our hairs minimum 4 times in a week for good hair growth and health. As I said earlier take once in a week scalp massage with a little warm natural oil. After massaging cover your hair with a shower cap for minimum 2 to 3 hours. Then wash it off with mild shampoo.

Coconut oil, Camellia seed oil and Almond oil are some very effective for hair massage. There are many more recommended oils that we will discuss in next post. Also we will discuss how to get rid of with split hairs.


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