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Types of hair loss

As we know that after last phase of our hair growth cycle this is a normal natural biological process of some hair fall. But excessive hair fall  daily may be a hair loss disorder. But it could be prevent with proper hair care if its not a heredity problem. Baldness is a word is commonly used for big hair loss or complete hair loss. As we know that hair loss could be partial or complete. Alopecia is a term that is used in medical science for hair loss.
According to nature of hair loss there are different types of alopecia is found according to causes of hair loss. Common type is found androgenetic alopecia. Androgenetic alopecia is found in male or female as pattern baldness. Mostly hair thinning creates pattern baldness in men as androgenetic alopecia. It starts to effect from lateral side of forehead commonly and depends also on genetic background.
Alopecia in women is found due to a male hormone which is present in a little quantity. Alopecia problem in women is also caused due to taking more birth control pills, some problem in ovarian cyst, after pregnancy hormonal problem etc. Hair loss also caused due to hair shaft fracture. In this type of hair loss hair shaft starts to be narrow in a point which damages the matrix and results fracture in shaft at narrowing point which results hair loss. Hair loss could also be start three to six months after suffering with any serious disease or after any major surgery.

In short we will discuss about types of hair loss.
Ivolutional alopecia
We can say this type of hair loss a natural condition. In which hair starts to become thin along with increasing of our age. More hair follicle reaches to its last growth phase or resting phase. Which results decrease in remaining hair and it also decrease the volume of our hair.
Androgenic alopecia 
This type of hair loss affects both men and women. In men this is called man pattern baldness and in women it is known as female pattern baldness.
Alopecia areata
This type of hair loss starts suddenly and found mostly in children and in young people. This may be turn into a complete baldness problem.
Alopecia universalis
This type of hair loss problem may loss hair from any parts of body.
This type of hair loss mostly found in children.
Telogen effluvium
This type of hair loss found due to changes in hair growth cycle. This condition starts when large number or hair starts their resting phase in same time.


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