Make your own hair care product at home



Simple tips for hair care

We use different types of hair care products to maintain our hair look nice and also to solve different hair disorders like dry hair, rough hair, dandruff, hair loss and much more. But ignore some very important little things that we should always keep in our mind. In this post we will learn some simple tips that could prevent our hair loss and if we apply these tips regularly it will increase our hair strength and we will get long hair also.

Some simple tips to care our hair.
  • After taking a bath don't rub hardly your hair with towel because it support to hair beakage.
  • If you have long hair never try to comb your damp hair with fine tooth comb.
  • Always comb your damp hair with wide tooth comb first to prevent hair loss.
  • Beware with unnecessary pull or stretch on hairs.
  • Always comb your hairs gently not quick or hardly.
  • Take scalp massage minimum once weekly with some little warm organic natural oil.
  • Don't use cheap hair care products that contains harsh chemicals which may cause hair problems.
  • Daily shampooing of hair is also not good for your hair health.
  • Don't change your shampoo or conditioner quickly.
  • Always use any hair care product according to your hair quality.
  • If you want to maintain your hair beauty for long time always try to apply homemade products which are easy to make and are totally safe.
  • Don't use more hot or more cold water on your hair.
  • It is better to avoid your hair coloring with synthetic products which destroys natural hair color pigment cells.
  • Don't expose your hair with more heat. It may damage outer layer of hair shaft and can cause hair breakage of hair loss problem.
You can make your own homemade hair care products at home to apply on your hair. Like Avocado, Banana and other much more fruits which are available in your kitchen can be used to hair care. If you follow above mentioned tips regularly you can maintain your good hair look. You can also prevent you some very common hair disorders like dandruff and rough hair problem.


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