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Hair loss per day

After completing the telogen phase of hair growth, hair shedding or hair fall is a normal biological process. If you face 50 to 100 hair loss during combing then don't take any tension. This quantity is normal hair loss per day. But if you feel that you are getting more hair fall daily than this, you must care your hair. There are also some mistakes that we do daily which support to increase more hair loss per day. To minimize this you can follow these daily tips.

Always comb gently on hair and don't stretch hair with comb to unlock hairs. If your comb not running smoothly, first unlock the locked area with your fingers and then comb to prevent stretch on hair root.

Rubbing towel on hair after taking a bath or after washing your hair. It is harmful for your hair it can pluck hair from root or may damage hair shaft. It can also make more locking points on hair which will create a problem during you comb.If you have long hair always keep these two points in your mind after taking a bath or when you want to dry your hair.

If you don't have any hair or scalp problem, don't use hair care products daily without recommendation. Because if you don't have any problem and you are using daily any hair care product which is made for a particular problem then the ingredients it contains may be harmful for your hair and scalp.

It may create dry or rough hair problem or any other disorder with regular use. So if your hairs are normal always use hair care products that are made for normal hair. Try to use branded and recommended products don't experiment with new, cheap or unknown or unpopular product on hair. It may cause hair loss.

More washing of hair is also not good for your good hair health. Because it wash off the natural moisture that comes from sebaceous gland on hair. More hair washing is also create dry hair or rough hair problem. It is better not to shampoo your hair 2 or 3 days in a week, if not necessary.


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