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Hair care tips for damaged hair | home treatment

If your hairs have lost their shine, looks rough, damaged or having split ends, I tell you some very nice homemade tips and treatments that you can follow easily and apply. Used ingredients in this treatment are all organic and free from any harsh chemical. But to get satisfied result you will have to apply these treatment regularly for few days.

rose hip seed

Two nice home treatments for dry and damaged hair.

If you have damaged and dry hair problem follow the steps below.
  • You can use this nice treatment to cure your damaged hairs after taking a bath or whenever you wash your hair.
  • Use this treatment on dry hair. First of all take some rosehip seed oil on your palm and apply it on your full length of hair and up to the scalp.
  • Give a gentle massage on scalp and leave the application for minimum half an hour.
  • Don't comb or style your hair. After keeping this application on hair for minimum 30 minutes, comb or style your hair as you with gently.
  • This treatment is very nice for giving a new strength to hair shaft, to repair and to stop hair shaft breaking problem. 
If you have dry or rough hair problem follow this treatment.
  • First of all take some Jojoba oil on your palm and with the help of your fingertips apply this organic oil on full length of your hair and up to the scalp.
  • Now take a gentle massage on scalp and leave the application for minimum 2 hours or if you are applying this treatment at night, you can leave for overnight.
  • Now wash your hair with normal water and style.

Jojoba oil is great for your hair. If you apply this treatment regularly it will change your dry or rough hair into soft and silky hair. It will also give strength to hair and prevents hair loss problem. If you apply anyone of these tips, you will get a new healthy look and a nice hair growth.


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