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Some causes of hair loss

Before we discuss about hair loss we must know why we face hair loss problem. There are so many factors are there which are responsible for this problem. Disbalance of nutritional elements in our body, if you have suffered with a serious disease, any scalp disorder, bad effect of harmful ultraviolet rays of sun, fungal or bacterial infection and disorder in hair root, too much mental stress and rough care are some common causes that are responsible for this hair loss problem. So it is very important to know the perfect reason of your hair problem and little about hair anatomy before starting your hair care for the perfect treatment.

Though we face different hair problems and diseases like, dry hair, hard hair, thin hair, oily or dry scalp, itchy scalp, dandruff, hair split ends etc. But hair loss and baldness or bald patches is a serious problem. We must care it properly when it starts. One more very important cause may be heredity. Following are some more reasons that cause hair loss problem.
  • Temporary hair loss are generally found due to serious illness or major surgery.
  • Hair loss is also caused by hormonal dis-balance in our body.
  • Hair loss in women also found in pregnancy period.
  • Some medicines could be responsible for hair loss like anticoagulants, antidepressants, medicines taken for heart problems, medicines taken for birth control.
  • Fungal infection are also caused hair loss.
  • More intake of vitamin A is also a reason of hair loss.
  • More exposure with heat when we use some instruments to style or to dry hair.
If I explain about this disease with simple language, this disease or disorder is known as Alopecia. As you read before that hair follicle growth is complete in a cycle. Each cycle pass with three phases. First is long growing phase that is called anagen, Second phase is transitional phase called catagen and third and final phase is telogen a short resting phase. At the end of this resting phase our hair falls and new a new baby hair starts to grow in hair follicle to complete this hair growth cycle.


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