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About hair before care

As you know that hair is a very important part of our overall face beauty. We spend lots of money in our whole life to maintain our hair style and for a good look of hair. We also use different types of hair care product on our hair.

But first of all we must know about our hair before starting a proper care. Before we start to know about care our hairs, we should know a little about anatomy of hair. I will not going to tell you a complicated discussion. I will tell you in a simple language about hair anatomy, how hair grows, what is hair growth and why they become white in old age.

Hair grows in hair follicle that is located under the skin. Base of the hair follicle is hair root. The portion of hair that we see outside skin is called hair shaft. This hair shaft is made of three layers.The innermost layer is called medulla. It gives hair elasticity. The middle layer is known as cortex. It gives hair its color, strength, structure and texture. Finally the thin, transparent outer layer is called cuticle. It protects the inner layers.

Our hair is made of a protein which is known as keratin. A living cell division process runs in hair follicle which grows the hair shaft and results hair growth. The blood vessels nourishes and supply hormones to hair follicle for growth of hair. Our hair growth complete three phases or hair growth cycle.

Anagen phase we can also name it growth phase.
Catagen phase we can say transitional phase.
Telogen phase we can describe as resting phase.

Our hair growth is about one and half inches in average per month. Pigment cells produce melanin in follicle to create hair color. According to increase of our age these pigment cells starts to die and our hair color starts to become gray or white.


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